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By Valkyrie
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25 October 2013
Please check out the What's NEW page thanks!

I have relocated my Personal site and Art site to Kwister.
The new address is...
Valkyrie's Homepage and...
Fur Wings and other Things
You can update browsers now thanks! ^_-

Thank you very much to Gordon at Kwister for letting me use a chunk of his webspace! :D

Have a look around, go play with the Oedo Paperdolls or
download a nice Cyber City based wallpaper! ^______^

So anyway, lets get on with the show..... ^_^

Hi there, this is your friendly cyber hostess taking you into a journey through a dark sci-fi future in Japan, filled with huge metropolis jungles and some very dark and torrid characters. One such setting takes place in Oedo city, where cyber crime is rampant and the city is out of control. In step the cyber police, a special force that recruits heavily sentenced criminals to take active duty. Who else would be that expendable and think like the criminals themselves. The upside is that they get out of prison, the downside is(yes there's always one of those), that they have to wear special explosive collars to keep them under control. The Cyber Police chief, Hasegawa, takes charge over the latest recruits, and takes our criminal dogs into some pretty exciting but all too close to death situations. Sengoku, Benten and Gogul are the three main anti-heroes here, they have to solve the crime in a time limit or loose their heads(literally). I hope you enjoy the drawings and CG paintings based on these crazy guys from Oedo. There are a few new characters along the way, so dive in a take a look around! ^_^

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Well then, I hope you enjoyed them, thanks for the visit, I appreciate it! If you think I just draw *only* Cyber City stuff, then think again ^_- although, it's not a bad idea, I just don't want to seem to be completely lame! *lol*
So please visit my Fantasy Art Website for some cool and interesting work,
from unicorns to dragons to cute rats *grin* ^_^

Please sign the guestbook I love feedback thanks! ^_-
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To learn more about this cool anime series itself go to the new home of the
Cyber City Oedo 808 Homepage
Invariably the best Cyber City site on the web for CCO info! ^_^

I hope you enjoyed your visit here!

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Many people have looked in from it's old site since July 1999
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