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By Valkyrie
Cyber City Dagger ___________~;\(=======+

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What's New

Latest pics and updates!
UPDATED 25 August '04

Special Announcement!
I've now made available to download as desktop wallpaper,some of my CCO pics.
At this point they are only in 800x600 format! (if you'd like to see anything in a larger format please let me know!
I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

For win 98 and MSIE 6:)
Click on the pic, wait for it to load in your browser and then save to
your windows directory as(in this case sb_wallpaper.jpg), or drop down
the the tab that says 'Save as type' and choose type .bmp
(Windows uses bmp format as a background for pics normally.)
For Mozilla, right click on pic and then choose set as wallpaper.

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Cyber City Oedo 808 Fan Art by Valkyrie
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