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Latest pics and updates!
<25 October 2013

New and Improved cover for my Fanfiction/comic! ^_^
Please check it out, thanks! ^_^

I Put my CCO Wallpers into a NEW section of their own and added some new ones while I was at it! ^_-


I have started a brand new Cyber City Livejournal, for news, art and stories by fans for fans ^_^ Some of the subjects are adult related, as in some stories and art are R18 related and can only be viewed if you are joined in to the site. We already have a site only story going and also some interesting info about some new relase CCO videos and also some very facinating insight to Kawajiri's very own CCO graphic novels which reveal each of the main charas backgrounds and lives before where the OAVs takeoff!
If you would like to join...
(a)Please e-mail me some small info about yourself your affiliation with Cyber City, your fav chara etc. I'd love to hear from you! :)
(b)Have a working/valid e-mail address, (it helps to be able to reply etc..)
(c)Get yourself a free Livejournal account
Then Click here, make sure you are still logged in and then click on the "To join this community, click here. " link!

Here's the Site Map on Livejournal to help you out with any other inquiries.
I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you there! :D
Failure to follow these steps and I can't approve your membership, sorry.

Please sign the guestbook and tell me what you think, I love the feedback thanks! ^_-
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Your Comments appreciated :)

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