Cyber City Oedo 808 Fan-Art

By Valkyrie
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Valkyrie's Disclaimer

These are all freehand drawings and no infringement is intended in making up these pics, they are displayed freely because they were fun to draw and colour, and because I really enjoy Cyber City Oedo 808! ^_^

Sengoku, Benten, Gogul, Okyo, Hasegawa and Varsus, the backgrounds and it's settings, the vehicles, weapons and logo's (whew, did that cover it yet! ^_-) are copyright to all those involved in making Cyber City Oedo 808 (Madhouse Productions/Japan Home Video/Manga Entertainment etc.). Feral is copyright to Vanessa Wells, Lena is copyright to Leah Holmes, Akuma is copyright to Paul Wells. Helena, Obsidion and Rouge are copyright to me(Valkyrie), they are my chara's and I can do what I like with them! *grin* also the narrow gold handled sword that is at the bottom of each page belong to me(Valkyrie), so no cheeky stealing of it while i'm not looking OKAY!!! *lol* ^_- The characters from Cyber City are kindly borrowed and lovingly used on this website for my own fan-following fun and without them this site would not be possible, I thank the heavens that they are here though! ^_^ Sengoku IS the best character in Cyber City Oedo, IMHO! He's quite a fun chara, quite hot-headed and rather gorgeous ^_^ ..but Benten is quite a doll too whoo... ^_^

These pieces of artwork are copyright to Valkyrie, but if you wish to use them, please ask, if you don't ask at least please add credits thanks, I could also link back to your site if you want...

...It's not hard to E-Mail thanks! ^_^

Your Comments/Appreciated :)

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Cyber City Oedo 808 Fan Art by Valkyrie
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