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By Valkyrie
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Oedo Paperdoll


Click on the pics to see the larger version..they're about 1000 high x 770 wide, so resonably big! Save the large pics to your hard drive, then print them out at the same aspect ratio or the clothes wont fit once you cut them out! If possible print the dolls out on a nice bit of white card(not heavy duty, but something you can cut easily)
Printers, browsers and paint programs and indeed different OS's being what they are, all having differing print setups <sarcasm> *yay windowz* </sarcasm>, so I can't give you one setting to rule them all(oh, er.. LoTR flashover), just print the dolls and the clothes at the same page size and setting for each on your machine and hope it works! (I used standard A4 paper, well because that's standard around here and how I buy it by the reem.) ^_^ If something doesn't work out, don't scream at me or anything, I'm new at creating paper dolls and this is my first try at it. Let me know in a reasonable manner and I'll see if I can fix it(or not as the case may be). Remember it could be your settings as well that might affect the outcome!

Hehe trust me to mention LoTR, thanks to Joules Taylors request, I have now made a set!
...Gowan, I know you're dying to dress 'em up... ^_^
A New Halloween set, plus the Oedo BAND costumes added. (NOTE):- the Halloween set you'll notice, are a full body set, that is it's their whole body as a costume as well as the clothing extras, because I changed the skin and eye tones to fit the themes, plus added tattoos and trickling blood to set the mood! ^_^

Sengoku and Benten
The Sexy Paper Dolls..
*drool* I'm nuts okay!!!

Sengoku Halloween Costume

Benten Halloween Costume

Oedo Band Outfits

LoTR Aragorn outfit

LoTR Legolass outfit

A lighthearted look at some
Beach Gear for Sengoku
and Benten from an idea by
Vanessa Wells

Outfit Design
for Sengoku
by me.

Outfit Design
For Benten
by me

Outfit Design
for Sengoku
by me.

Outfit Design
For Benten
By Joules Taylor

Clothes from
Cyber City

Black sleek suit by me
White suit from
Cyber City

Cyber Police uniform
from Cyber City
Black Leathers by me

Cyber Police uniform
from Cyber City

Also I'd love some feedback and or input, if you know Cyber City(oh heck even if you don't), I would love for you to let me know if you want a costume design for both or either of them...please be reasonable about this and no disgusting ideas thanks, I will disregard anyone being silly and or just plain ludicrous. (no ballet tutu's or clown outfits for instance ^_-), but anything punk-ish, gothic or sci-fi would be good! Any other ideas for leathers would also be cool! ^_^ Or even something a liitle more casual as denims(jeans etc..) as well! Although I'm not above doing a crossover, like an Elvis Presley and David Bowie costume(Well they do have the looks happening there in some strange way! *lol* ^_-) Please Keep an eye out and see what ensues, thanks. ^_^ E-Mail Me here with any ideas if you like thanks.

Please sign the guestbook and tell me what you think, I love the feedback thanks! ^_-
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