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If you like, the weird and the wonderful and even the sickly cute(yes it does happen), well this might be the place (to run home screaming to mother), ah no, do please take a moment to look around, you might like some of it!(hey it's not a guarantee) ^_- But it would be nice to know that some kind soul touched thoughts! ^_^ penciled pics and CG'd paintings to muse over! Click on the links to the left to view various works and other info!

My computer, monitor, scanner and Graphire tablet supplied(read: I purchased from),
by Arrow Computers, a great local company in Dunedin, to whom I am grateful for their brilliant service! Cheers guys! ^_^

.-=*' Peace all `*=-.

*NOTE* THIS IS NOT FREE CLIP_ART FOLKS!!! Please write to me for permission to use my art thanks! :) If you want to see these copyright messages lifted then please write to me and you are quite welcome to purchase some of these items and have a high quality print to frame and or put on your wall and enjoy, thanks! The prints do look awesome! Please e-mail me for details of prices(links to the left). I'll also do commisions for you(not free requests sorry), please let me know what you require! :)

25 October 2013! (17 years my website has been online(in various incarnations) Wow....MaDnEsS...!)
So, anyway, please check out a new piece in the colour section, thanky! ^_^

*Yay* I have several lovely pieces of artwork available for purchase at EllenMillionGraphics! :)
Here is my Section at EMG
Hop right in and look around, thanks, you might find something you'd like as a gift for a friend, member of the family, or yourself! ^_^

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Thanks for looking in!

Well then, these are all the ones I have scanned and/or painted
just now, check regularly for updates, new ones will be
added as I get them done! :)

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Some time ago I joined a (then)new private site that caters to Elfwood and Epilogue members
as an alternative viewing for the members private pages and their EW and/or Epi pages too!
The Garden is a lovely art site run by some lovely people! ^_^

Here's My little Corner of the Garden!

These are all original freehand drawings and paintings by me. I display them freely because I had fun creating them! :) I have had no formal art training or been to art classes, self taught if you like. But I have learned quite a lot and gained some valuable experience, these things do not happen in the wink of an eye so go easy!
All these drawings and paintings are copyright to me so if you wish to use them, I would really like to know and at least be credited please, I may even link back to your site if you want.

...It's not hard to email meE-Mail Me , thanks! :)


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