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Here are some of the fun and interesting things I do on computer, with Photoshop and Wacom graphic tablet. Each one starts life as a pencil drawing and scanned in to 'puter' where I give it the digital paintwork. Backgrounds are normally painted right in without the need for a drawing, unless it is a detailed structure, I like to just be insipred as I see it! Click the thumnails to check out the larger version!

.-=*' Peace all `*=-. I also have a few pieces of artwork available for purchase at EllenMillionGraphics! :)
Here is my Section at EMG
Hop right in and look around, thanks!


Gift of Love

Twist and Spout

Down in the Garden

Vanessas Eril

Phoenix Fire Tree

Thunder and Lightning

Albino Alsatian

Ice Rose

Fire Rose

Rose Nebula

Funnelwebs in the Sky

Universe Within

Mermaid Tag

Lone Flight

Stilt and Wrybill

In the Blink of an Eye

What my Eye Sees

For Grisel

Dragon Across
The Sand

Blue Unicorns
For Adam and Katie

Warrior Bunny

One Moment in Time
For Vanessa

Night Mountains
For Tony and Amy

Moonlight Vigil

Tiger Lily

On Cushions
Of Air

A Golden

Fairy Girl
For Ashleigh

Cloud Clipper
For David

Year of the Rooster
in Taurus

Oedo's Trusty Dogs

Leather and Rust

Lakeside Meeting
For Fred and Joy

3 Dolphins
For Mum


Scorpio's Garden

Eden's Rabbit

Bronze Dragon

Not part of the
(usual)Rat Pack

Moonlight Proposal

On Rocky Shores

Wedding under
the Stars
For Alex and Bronwyn

A Dreaming Wave

Merry Xmas

Dark Unicorn

Storm Unicorn

Phoenix Fire

The work below is much older, going back a lot of years now. The newest work is right at the top there :)

Flower Dragons

Angel Rose

Fern Elf


Cat Man



Anime Dawn

Leaving the City

Cheeky Xmas


Well then, these are all the ones I have scanned and/or painted just now, things may change as I put up new ones! :)

Thanks for looking in!

These are all original freehand drawings and paintings by me. I display them freely because I had fun creating them! :) I have had no formal art training or been to art classes, self taught if you like. But I have learned quite a lot and gained some valuable experience, these things do not happen in the wink of an eye so go easy!
All these drawings and paintings are copyright to me so if you wish to use them, I would really like to know and at least be credited please, I may even link back to your site if you want.
...It's not hard to E-Mail, thanks! :)

Your Comments/Appreciated :)
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