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Here are some of the fun and interesting things I do in Mech and regular pencils. Not all have backgrounds or need it! Click the thumnails to check out the larger version!

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Below to the left is a copy of my black rose reproduced on the wall of Polyvalente High School, St-Georges, Quebec! Thank you to Hugo and Yacinth for thinking it cool enough to have on the school wall! Below and in the center is the original pic to compare! To the right is Hugo and Yacinth sitting in front of the rose on the wall, just so you can get an idea of how big it is! Haven't they done an awesome job! THANKS SO MUCH! ^_^

A Wall Rose

My Black Rose

Hugo, Yacinth
and Rose!


Anyway back to the art on display.....
I replaced my old drawing of Donny O(as it was looking really bad) with a newer one, it's also rather cute IMHO!!! ^_-
One day I'll do a more recent one of him! ^_^
Actually just check out this page...
My Donny wallpapers and drawings






My Little Mermaid

A Cat's Aura

Fur Seal Pup

Fairy Goodmother

Rabbit in
the Matrix





Caped Catman


Sweet Wispers

Saki and Makito

Freddy M

Donny O

Marie O

Marie O


Black Rose



A Jeep


Well then, these are all the ones I have scanned and/or painted just now, things may change as I put up new ones! :)

Thanks for looking in!

These are all original freehand drawings by me. I display them freely because I had fun creating them! :) I have had no formal art training or been to art classes, self taught if you like. But I have learned quite a lot and gained some valuable experience, these things do not happen in the wink of an eye so go easy!
All these drawings and paintings are copyright to me so if you wish to use them, I would really like to know and at least be credited please, I may even link back to your site if you want. It's not hard to E-mail, thanks! :)

Your Comments/Appreciated :)
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