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Here are some of the mad things I've done under the name of Fan Art(i.e. being a fan of something and drawing your own personal representation of it.) Mostly my fan art comes from the anime, Cyber City Oedo 808 ^_^ Click the thumnails to check out the larger versions!

.-=*' Peace all `*=-.

I am pleased to announce, I have started a new project, it's the Oedo Paperdoll Project. That luscious pic of Sengoku and Benten has been turned into paperdolls!! I have made up the clothes they wear on Cyber City, plus something new in leather and some other interesting apparel! Will add more as it happens.
Check out my CCO fan art site and see what I'm talking about! ^_^

*Special Announcement*
I have set up a new Cyber City Oedo 808 Community at Livejournal! ^_^
Why not hop on over and see what it's all about and join in the fun!
To see some of the freinds only posts you have to be joined up as a member, otherwise you can only read the unrestricted stuff!
CCOedo808 LJ
Check out the info on joining thank you, would love to see you there! ^_^

This page *UPDATED 23 August 2004*


Oedo Poster

Sengoku's Sexy

His Ruby Red
For Vanessa

Oedo's hottest
Double Act!

Oedo Double Act
The FULL version

Oedo Trio

I have a whole lot more Cyber City fan art at Valkyrie's Cyber City Oedo 808 Fan Art site.
Also check out the above site for my Oedo Paper Dolls project, go there, grab 'em,
cut them out and have fun dressing them up! ^_^

I also have some more Cyber City Fan art over at Joules Taylors fanfiction site. Here is an Oedo fic that she wrote for me, then I in turn illustrated for her! Please check out STRANGE ATTRACTOR It's R18 with adult content so if you are squeamish about that sort of thing don't look, otherwise it's a rather fun backstory(meaning it goes into their past(albeit a fantasy one, as we don't really know their true past for sure). ^_-


Well then, these are all the ones I have scanned and/or painted just now, things may change as I put up new ones! :)

Thanks for looking in!

These are all original freehand drawings and paintings by me. I display them freely because I had fun creating them! :) I have had no formal art training or been to art classes, self taught if you like. But I have learned quite a lot and gained some valuable experience, these things do not happen in the wink of an eye so go easy!
All these drawings and paintings are copyright to me so if you wish to use them, I would really like to know and at least be credited please, I may even link back to your site if you want.
...It's not hard to E-Mail, thanks! :)

About the Oedo pics: Sengoku, Benten, Gogul, Okyo, Carrie, etc.. are copyright to Japan Home Video/Madhouse Productions/Manga Entertainment LTD. and anyone else who was involved in producing Cyber City Oedo 808. Except Helena(the blond woman in the blue suit), she is copyright to me! ^_^ Armitage copyright to Ashe Raven, Lena copyright to Leah Holmes. My Cyber City fan-art pics are just that, fan-art, from an anime that I enjoy immensly and charas that I like to draw in my own way. I am not out to steal charas or make money off them, they are just a bit of harmless fun! ^_^

Your Comments/Appreciated :)
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