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Thin Sword -----------------]-o
Hi there, well now that you've decided to look in here I may as well have something to show for it! :)

Gah, it's us! ^_-
Us lot!
Grief, that's terrible, we need a new family photo! :? :>

My home is in Dunedin which is in the lower South Island of New Zealand.
I am a mother of two and loving wife of my charming husband.. ^_- We have three working computers in our house, one for the children a rather old machine, but one they can play games on. My husband has his and prefers Linux over windows, and then there is mine, which is probably the best of the lot, I use graphic heavy programs for my digital paintings and I have a nifty Wacom Graphire pen/tablet to paint with! ^_^

I am a self taught artist and have not taken any drawing classes, but that which I'd like to do sometime in the future! I have always liked drawing, but gave it up for 10 years thinking I actually sucked(well yes I did back then), but started it up again in 1998 and worked hard to get up to speed and try to get some decent work going. Once I got online I really enjoyed seeing others work and fell in love with digital paint, in viewing others and having my work online has helped me improved over the few years, plus I have met some wonderful artists who have helped me with small tips and some great ideas, so now it's onward and upward I guess! ^_^

Here is a picture of my son when he was six years old, oh look he's graduated from university with honours already! *grin*

Graduation day!
Your Comments/Suggestions Appreciated :)
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